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Anonymous asked: Please stop sharing that cochlear implant post. The cochlear implant is ableist and enforces the idea that there's something wrong with being deaf. Please don't let others think this way,




I’m seriously laughing my ass of right now, anon.  HOW FUCKING DARE PEOPLE USE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE LIVES?!

Fuck off, anon.  No, there is nothing wrong with deaf people.  They are still people.  But cochlear implants are not ableist to deaf people.  No one is forces deaf adults to get them.  But an infant, who can be given a life changing implant, AND WHO LOOKED SO FUCKING HAPPY TO FINALLY HEAR HIS OWN MOTHER, does not get to be called ableist because you cannot handle the fact that medicine will continue to improve and better people’s lives.

If someone came up to me tomorrow and told me that there was a life changing surgery I could undergo to rid myself of my chronic stomach issues, I would gladly do it and it would NOT diminish what people in similar positions, suffering from chronic pain, go through.

Improving lives with medicine is not and never will be ableist.  Why don’t you go learn what ableism is by talking to people who actually are disabled in some way instead of getting pissmad on tumblr about a baby being given a cochlear implant.

So would prosthetic legs be ableist too by the asker’s logic?

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Being a parent has changed me.

Now when someone says “I slept like a baby last night” I immediately assume they woke up six times and shit themselves twice.

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Toby smiles at Daddy for the first time <3